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The Best Podcasts for Content Creators

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Are you a content creator or blogger looking for a fantastic podcasts? The significance of podcasts has exploded in the last 8 years. If there is a topic you’re interested in, chances are there is a podcast that fits your needs.

Podcasts for Content Creators

No longer do you have to pay subscription fees to listen to audiobooks. You can have free access to daily or weekly podcasts on a variety of topics. 

Podcasts for Education

Blogging is no exception. Over the past few years, I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts hoping to glean some advice on how to run a business online, marketing techniques, or social media help. And through all of that podcast listening, I have heard lots of great advice, and some not so great things as well.

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Over this last two years, I have really narrowed down the podcasts I listen to. There aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to everything. And I’m sure you’d agree that your time is incredibly valuable. So what podcasts are best for content creators and bloggers?

The Best Podcasts for Bloggers

We will all gravitate toward podcasters who speak to us and whose content we find valuable. This list of podcasts can differ based on style and how aggressive you want to be in your marketing, or which social media streams work better for your particular blog niche.

But I just wanted to share with you the podcasts I have found to be the most beneficial over the years. Full disclosure, there’s actually one podcast in my list that’s newer, but I have really enjoyed the episodes thus far, so I included it in my list.

A Variety of Topics

All of these podcasts have different strengths and you may gravitate toward one or another. Some are overall just encouraging for women who are running businesses or trying to pursue personal goals.

Others are specifically about using social media to promote business and how best to do that. And some are specific to bloggers like you and me!

The advice that comes from these particular podcasts is from other bloggers. I find it to be so incredibly helpful to hear about the journeys of other bloggers and their experiences. So here are my top five best podcasts for bloggers: 

  • Food Blogger Pro Podcast- While the name implies this is for food bloggers, it really goes well beyond that particular niche. Each week, a different content creator is featured on the show and shared valuable advice about content creation and a specific area of it that they have done well at. I can’t recommend this particular podcast enough, and even though I’m not a paid member of Food Blogger Pro, but the podcast is free to everyone through Apple Podcasts.

  • Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie. this podcast has been on my radar for a while, but I only started listening to it about a year ago. I have been a Milo Tree user since the beginning of my blogging days, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the creator of this great tool is the host of this podcast! Jillian has guests each week, all in the blogging field. Some are SEO experts, full-time bloggers, or some kind of expert in social media. Every episode I have listened to has been full of really great information that I have been able to use in my own business.                                                                                                                    best podcasts for bloggers

  • Simple Pin Podcast with Kate Ahl. This was hands down the very first podcast I subscribed to when I decided to crack down and really take this blogging thing seriously. It only took me a few months to discover that Pinterest was going to be one of my biggest traffic drivers. In the gardening niche, Pinterest is super helpful. The Simple Pin podcast gives lots of tips and techniques for how to use Pinterest to generate more business. It’s not just about more traffic from Pinterest, but it has many more practical uses. Kate is a fabulous resource on Pinterest in general, and her How to Master Tailwind course has totally revolutionized my weeks by letting me pin things in advance. Now, I don’t have to be on Pinterest each day pinning to stay active. This podcast is a total winner. 

  • Mediavine: On Air I have been working with Mediavine for over three years now, and I love how much they care for the content creators they work with. Their podcast is an extension of that care, and it’s open to all content creators, not just those who work with them. Each week they have a guest on who gives valuable information that content creators can take and apply right to their website, sales strategy, or overall business plan.

  • The Blogging Millionaire is a newer podcast for me, but as other podcasts have stopped being produced, this one filled in where those left off. This podcast is great for those who want to hear success stories and practical appliactions for building your site and audience.

My hope is you find this list helpful and that you’ll find one or two new podcasts in this list that will benefit you and your business. Not every podcast is perfect for everyone, and I’m always on the hunt for fresh ideas. If you have a podcast you enjoy listening to, that encourages you in your blogging business, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Have a great week!

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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

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The Best Podcasts for Bloggers - The Kitchen Garten