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The Best Gardening Tools

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While most of vegetable and flower gardening can be done with a good pair of gloves and some sweat equity, gardeners do need a few good tools in the shed. What are the best gardening tools and what are they used for?

Gardening tools and bulbs on a black background

Having good quality garden tools at your disposal helps in a number of ways:

  • Easier to use in the garden
  • Many are ergonomic
  • Cleaner cuts on plants
  • Longer lasting than cheaper types

I know the tools that I enjoy make a huge difference when I’m spending time out in the garden. And while I have my favorite go-to garden tools, I also reached out to other gardeners I know to see what they valued most in garden tools. Here’s the list of fantastic tools for your vegetable and flower gardens that should make life easier!

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Favorite Common Garden Tools

Common gardening tools are those that you will see almost any gardener have. There are some quality differences though between those you may find at the Dollar Store (which I have definitely used at times) and those made of good quality stainless steel. Here are my recommended best common gardening tools:

  • Stainless Steel or Titanium Bypass Pruners– Any gardener, no matter how novice or expert will need a pair of bypass pruners. These all-purpose tools help you to trim, prune, and shape your plants. A good quality pair of pruners, like these from Stanley which are built with titanium blades for thicker limbs and stay cleaner than steel blades. If you like a classic look for your pruners, try the classic style from Brecks that you can see below.
  • Good Quality Garden Gloves– Another classic “tool” for any gardener is a quality glove that will keep your hands safe, no matter how many raspberry canes you have to prune or stake. These soft gloves from Brecks have an adjustable strap to fit many hand sizes, and have vegan leather to protect your hands. A classic nitrile glove will also work well for most gardening tasks; I’ve just found they don’t last as long.
Soft Garden Gloves and Rosewood Pruners from Brecks
  • Wand Garden Sprayer– For those gardeners who still hand water like me, I love a watering wand style sprayer. This saves my back and makes it easier to water the base of my plants, not the leaves. The wand sprayer also gives you easy access to hanging baskets without having to take them down. Click the image below to see this short next design by The Relaxed Gardener.
Relaxed Gardener Wand

Specialty Garden Tools

What about those gardeners who need a tool to do a pretty specific job, like weeding between rows and plants? There are plenty of specialty garden tools out there for almost every job! I even had someone reach out to me once about a “garden robot” that roved around the garden cutting down weeds. That sounded great, but it wasn’t a great fit for our garden style.

Here are some of the best gardening tools that other gardeners have said they simply can’t do without. See if they’d be a good fit for your garden and gardening style!

  • Action Hoe– Really, that’s the name. This hoe has a head that allows you to push it back and forth to remove shallow rooted weeds in and around plants. This tool is perfect for row gardens or low raised beds that have weeds. One of my fellow master gardeners swears by hers and recently demonstrated it to our MG group, and I was super impressed. Check it out!
An action hoe at work in the garden
  • Compost Aerator/Turner– Keeping compost aerated can be tough with a shovel and constant turning. One of my fellow gardeners on Instagram mentioned that she can’t do without her compost turner. This simple tool is so smart in its simplicity and will help your compost break down more quickly. (Want to learn how to compost? Check out my guide on How to Start Composting or How to Direct Compost.)
  • Hori Hori Knives– Funny name, but so useful in the garden! These hori hori knives are great for cutting, digging, and trenching. The serrated edge is perfect for cutting twine, too. They also come with a sheath to help protect the blade and the gardener. Check them out by clicking the image below!
hori hori knife and sheath from Brecks

I hope these gardening tools go on to help you in all of your gardening endeavors! If you have a gardening tool that you simply can’t live without, comment below and let everyone know! Have a great week and happy gardening!


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