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Spiked Soil Kit Review (and a coupon!)

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Pre-made potting soils. I’m not always a fan. There are usually lots of chemicals listed on the bags that I can’t pronounce, and larger companies aren’t always know for best practices when it comes to ingredients and caring for the earth. These are broad generalizations, I know. But several months ago Spiked Soil generously gave me two grow kits: one to give away in my Instagram “Love Your Garden” Giveaway, and the other for me to try myself. And since I love a company that’s generous, I agreed to give a Spiked Soil kit review to my readers… with a name that involves a martini glass, how could I go wrong?

spiked soil review

What is Spiked Soil?

Spiked soil is a company that has worked hard to develop an easy and organic way for home growers to get the best possible result for their efforts. (Isn’t that what all gardeners want? Amen!) For two years, the product developers took their 30 years of horticultural experience and concocted a system (through trial and error) that used organic ingredients to create the ultimate “plant cocktail.” Hence the name Spiked Soil. Though their products can be purchased individually, a single Plant Cocktail Kit has everything you need to grow a successful container harvest, from the grow bag and tray to the blooming fertilizer. They even send seeds, but more on that in a second. Let’s look at what their products contain since this is where the rubber meets the road for many gardeners. (And p.s. there may be a spiked soil coupon at the bottom of this post for you!)affiliate link policy

Spiked Soil Cocktail

The main cocktail concoction of Spiked Soil is a three part process. And in order to test out their Plant Cocktail Kit, I opted to grow romaine since it was early March, and the weather here was still very cool. This meant that I only used two of the three cocktail components. (No blooming romaine, here.) Here are the three cocktail elements, and what they contain:

  1. Dirt Martini Potting Soil- This high-quality potting soil really impressed me with its list of ingredients, and if you’re new here, then I’ll say that I usually mix my own simple potting soil. But I was incredibly pleased with how the Dirt Martini felt in my fingers and by the quality products listed on the bag. Here’s the breakdown: Spiked Soil Kit ReviewPeat moss
    Coconut coir
    Bat guano
    Neem seed meal
    Worm castings
    Kelp meal
    Volcanic Ash
    Magnesium sulfate
    Trichoderma harzianum
    Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
    Willow bark
    Glomus intraradices
    Glomus mosseae
    Rhizopogon amylopogon

2. Another Round Fertilizer- This fertilizer is to be used in the growth phase of the plant as a side dressing. I didn’t add any to the soil when I planted, but I took the Spiked Soil instructions to heart and waited 10 days to apply. And for a fertilizer, Spiked Soil has kept it really simple: Spiked Soil Kit reviewBat guano
Kelp meal
Neem seed meal
Magnesium sulfate
Volcanic ash


3. Bloom Booze- The third element of the Spiked Soil cocktail is their fertilizer used during a plant’s blooming phase. This was the only product I haven’t been able to try, since my romaine isn’t a blooming plant. However, I have kept it aside so I can use it on my tomatoes in the garden this summer. The Bloom Booze has the same ingredients as the Another Round fertilizer (more bat guano, haha!), but in different amounts due to the different needs of a blooming plant:spiked soil kit review

Putting Spiked Soil to the Test

I was very excited to try out the Cocktail from Spiked Soil, which contained: one grow bag with tray, Dirt Martini soil, Another Round fertilizer, Bloom Booze fertilizer, one fun Spiked Soil bag, one measuring cup, and 2 pencils with seeds contained in the tip of each (so fun!).

Spiked Soil kit review

While I loved the presentation, I also wanted to see how Spiked Soil measured up against my usual products, so I ran a small test. I planted romaine lettuce in two containers. Container #1 contained a traditional potting soil from the hardware store and Container #2 was the grow bag from Spiked Soil with the Dirt Martini potting soil. (And there was more Dirt Martini soil than would fit in the pot, so I also was able to start a tray of seedlings with this mix as well… bonus!) The containers sat side by side, so there were no environmental benefits for one container or the other.

Spiked Soil Kit Review


After ten days, I added a granular fertilizer to the romaine in Container #1 and I added Another Round to Container #2. After one week, I checked in on them, and this is what I found (pardon the water table, ha!):

spiked soil kit review

There was a noticeable difference in the size and color of the romaine in Container #2 (the Spiked Soil Cocktail), and I was pretty well shocked. Not only were the leaves of the romaine larger, but they boasted a deep green color that the other pot lacked. The leaves in Container #1 seemed a bit anemic, for lack of a better term, while the Spiked Soil test pot was more robust, and the flavor was delicious. 

Spiked Soil Results

After another week or so, the romaine in my Spiked Soil grow bag were even larger and more beautiful, and this was without any more fertilizer applications. Spiked soil kit review

I had to go ahead and write up this review, complete with pictures because I was ready to chomp down on this romaine in a fresh salad! And the beautiful thing about romaine is that it’s a cut and come again salad green. So as I harvest the outer leaves, the inner leaves keep growing, and the process begins all over again.

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with my Spiked Soil Cocktail kit.  I would definitely recommend it for use in your home garden. Specifically, this kit would be a fantastic gift for someone who is concerned about using quality, organic ingredients. Also someone who is just starting out and needs step-by-step instructions on how to grow would love this kit. 



The price point for one Cocktail is around $45, and as a frugal gardener, I initially found this to be pricey, but when I broke down everything the kit contains: container, soil, two types of fertilizers, and all of the extras, it’s really not terribly expensive. You can also purchase the elements individually, and that’s the route I’m going to take. I was so impressed with their Another Round fertilizer, that I’m going to snag the 3-pound bag. Once I try the Bloom Booze this summer, I may do the same thing with it as well. I’m also thinking that the Another Round fertilizer would be a fantastic addition to my Self-Watering Planter!

So if you’re looking for good-quality organic growing medium or fertilizers, then look no further than Spiked Soil. You’ll be supporting a smaller company (with excellent branding, by the way), and you can check out my video review below as well as their Instagram feed to keep up on all they have going on. And just for you, Kitchen Garten readers, get 20% off your purchase at Spikedsoil when you use the code TKG20!!! Don’t miss out on this deal!

Have a great week and happy gardening!