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Printable Weekly Blog Planner

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Have you ever  had so much you wanted to accomplish that you weren’t sure where to begin? The overwhelm can be stifling! This used to happen to me on almost a weekly basis, which is why I created this free printable weekly blog planner. Get your thoughts, ideas, and tasks all down in one place.

weekly blog planner

Organize Your Blogging Week

 If you are a blogger, or any kind of online entrepreneur, then the amount of tasks  probably happens to you as well. Do you start by writing a new post, scheduling posts for social media, or website maintenance? All of these things are essential to running a successful blog. If you don’t have a set list of things to accomplish when you sit down at your computer, chances are your mind will wander.

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(This post was updated in 2020.)

What really needs to get done falls by the wayside if you’re not intentional. Being intentional with my time is one of the important lessons I learned in Elite Blog Academy, a blogging course that changed my blog from hobby to business. (Not interested in EBA? No worries, but take advantage of their FREE trainings, which are incredibly valuable.)

Printable Weekly Blog Planner

When I created this printable weekly blog planner, I did so to help me plan out my week. I do have a calendar that I use for monthly scheduling, but I needed something else. Something specifically for blogging that would help to remind me what I was writing about that week, what posts I wanted to share online, and also give me a place for other tasks to complete, as well as an area to brainstorm for future posts.

It’s my hope that this on-page printable weekly blog planner will also be a big help to you. Here’s what the weekly blog planner contains:

Blog Planner Sections:

  • New Post–  If you publish more than one post per week then feel free to modify this page. However, if like me, you aim for one new post per week, then this gives you a place to create your title, category, and long-tail keywords to utilize in your new post. It also gives you a place to check off your social sharing.
  • Social Media Sharing–  Whether you have one or more new posts per week, being consistently engaged on social media with previously written posts is a great practice. Don’t get caught at the end of the week thinking, “Geez, I really should have scheduled some posts.” Instead, use this area to plan out ahead of time what you’ll be posting and when. You can choose to post on all social media outlets, or just choose the ones that work best for you. (I typically focus on Pinterest and Instagram, since they drive the most traffic to my blog.)
  • Ideas–  If you’re like me, then ideas can strike at any time. Keep this printable weekly blog planner out on your desk. It gives you the perfect place to jot down ideas as they come to mind. By keeping your weekly blog planner pages in a binder, you’ll be able to go back and look at ideas you wrote down previously. This can help you plan for future posts, giveaways, or other online ventures.
  • Weekly To-do–  Besides creating new posts and scheduling for social media, there are many other tasks that a blogger takes on each week. Creating a weekly newsletter, answering comments, checking email, and reaching out to other bloggers are just a few of the things that need to be done each week. Customize other tasks you need to get done each week. (You’ll see the weekly newsletter already printed in, because for a blogger, this is essential!)
  • Notes–  Finally use the notes section to jot down any random information you need to remember that doesn’t belong in any of the other sections. It’s free to use as needed.

So get started on the right foot each week. Planning out what your week will look like, and you’ll reap the rewards. This will give you the best return on investment for your time. As a blogger it can feel as if you’re working all day long at a multitude of tasks. Get done what needs to be done, and spend the rest of that time with your family or on other non-blog related activities. Sign up below for my blogger newsletter (only once a month), and you’ll snag this free printable weekly blog planner. Have a great week!

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