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Mason Jar Herb Planter

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I love the idea of creating planters out of what we already have on hand. And mason jars always seem to be in abundance around here, thanks to a few boxes of hand-me-down jars.

These particular mason jar herb planters were created with a local Cub Scout troop. The easy to plant herbs were the perfect centerpieces for their end of the year banquet, and I was able to teach them how to plant herbs!

Herb Planters without Holes

Though it is possible to drill holes in glass, it’s a difficult process that I usually don’t have time for. So how can you create a good environment for a plant without drainage holes? Use rocks.

I like to place rocks in the bottom of containers without holes, since they help the soil to not sit at the bottom of the container. Rocks also give extra water a place to sit until it’s soaked up by the soil, kind of like a miniature self-watering planter. (Create a self-watering planter here for a fabulous salad garden!)

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And while the rocks do add a bit of weight to the planter, this can be a good thing if you’re using these planters outside and a good gust of wind comes up. The rocks help to weigh the planter down, avoiding any broken glass.

What size mason jars for a planter

For this particular project, I chose quart mason jars, since the basil plants we had chosen were already a good size. If you’re using smaller plants, then you could get by with a pint jar. I personally like the wide mouth jars as well, since it gives more room to maneuver the plant into the jar.

Supplies for Mason Jar Herb Planter

Here’s what you’ll need to make these fun Mason Jar herb planters!

How to Make a Mason Jar Herb Planter

  1. Begin by gathering the materials together, and gently place rocks at the bottom of the mason jar. Use enough rocks for them to create a 1-2 inch layer at the bottom. (Optional: Place a milkshake straw beside the rocks and have it come up and out of the jar. This straw can be used as a way to water the plant with a funnel.)
    1. Fill jar halfway with potting soil (this may get messy!) and shake the jar gently to get the soil to settle.
    1. Take the herb plant out of its original container and loosen up the roots. Gently place the plant inside the jar, adding more soil if the plant seems to sit too low in the jar. (We use basil for our jar planter, and did you know if you prune it, it will grow like crazy!)
    1. Use the extra potting soil to fill in any gaps not filled in by the plant. Gently pat the soil around the plant to be sure it’s in the jar securely. Water the plant to ensure it’s properly hydrated.
    2. Place jar in sunny location indoors or out or decorate with a ribbon or tag for a fun gift or centerpiece!

    Fun Variations of the Herb Planter

    • Have kids paint the outside of the mason jar before or after planting as a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or birthday present.
    • Tie a tag around the top of the plant with a recipe that includes the herb in the jar.
    • Swap out the herb for any small plant, even a succulent!
    • Create a small mason jar herb garden like ours!
    Yield: 1 Planter

    Mason Jar Herb Planter

    basil planted in mason jar

    Create this fun and easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Planter with just a few supplies!

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Active Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 15 minutes
    Difficulty Easy
    Estimated Cost $5


    • 1 Quart Mason Jar
    • Potting Soil
    • Rocks
    • 1 Herb Plant
    • 1 Milkshake Straw (optional)


    • Small garden spade


    1. Begin by placing rocks at the bottom of the jar. If you're planning to use the milkshake straw as a watering line, then add it along the inside of the jar now, too.
    2. Fill jar halfway with good quality potting soil, and gently shake jar to get soil to settle.
    3. Remove herb plant from its container and loosen the roots. Place the plant inside the jar. Remove and add more soil if the plant seems to sit too low.
    4. Fill in any gaps around the herb plant with the extra potting soil.
    5. Water plant, and place in a sunny spot indoors or out!

    I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and I’d love to know if you give this fun activity a try! Here are some other fun planters I’ve created tutorials for on The Kitchen Garten:


    Saturday 25th of April 2020

    This is such a good idea! I'll have to try this with my daughter. I didn't realize adding rocks to the bottom would help with drainage. Pinning!


    Saturday 25th of April 2020

    Thank you so much!

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