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Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart Review

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On the hunt for a way to keep your hose organized? Me, too! Our hose was a jumbled mess for a few months while I went back and forth on what I wanted in a hose cart.

Liberty Garden graciously offered to send me one of their hose carts for review, and I happily agreed. Could the Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart be the solution to my garden hose mess?

We’ve been dealing with a tangled hose here lately since we recently had a new spigot installed closer to the garden area. Our other spigot is right on the patio, and after Hurricane Matthew tore through in the fall, we no longer had a hose caddy since ours was mangled in the storm.

I’ve been putting off purchasing a new hose reel because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. And after the new spigot was installed, I knew I didn’t want to have a hose in both locations.

In fact, I didn’t really want a hose on the patio at all. The only time we would use that particular spigot would be to wash our vehicles or the boat after we brought it in from the salt water. So the hunt began for a hose cart. 

What is a hose reel cart?

A hose cart is a hose reel on wheels. This way the hose reel can be easily moved from spigot to spigot. The area between our spigots has pine straw covering the ground, grass, and brick paths, so I knew I wanted something that would be able to traverse all that with no problem.

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I also wanted something that wouldn’t be cumbersome. Height was important as well since I didn’t want to have to bend over to move it. Most hose reel carts come in either 4-wheel or 2-wheel varieties. I wasn’t super picky about either one, but the four wheeled carts tended to be built for longer hoses which isn’t what I really needed. 

Liberty garden products

While Liberty Garden isn’t sponsoring this post, they did offer to send me a hose cart to try out to see if I liked it. the wonderful folks at Liberty Garden suggested one of their most popular carts and sent it to me within a day. I was super impressed at the prompt delivery, and they are company right here in North Carolina where I live, so I love that.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart Review

As you’ll see in the video below, when I first began to take the hose reel out of the box, it was a bit awkward since it is completely metal. But as far as putting it together, it wasn’t very difficult. It took me about 15 minutes and the pieces went together easily.

Reading all of the instructions before you begin putting it together is helpful, so you know exactly what you’re doing before you start.  

Putting on the hose

When it came time to actually put my hose onto the reel, all of the hookups turned smoothly, and it was clear to see which direction my hose needed to be wound in. Our hose had been in a mangled mess on the ground for several months, so it was a bit tricky getting it onto the reel at first.

However just to make sure, we tested  it again. We unwound the hose and re-reeled it (is this a word? I’m not sure.). Since this particular hose cart does not have a hose guide, it does require you to use your hand to guide the hose if you want a very smooth and even pattern on your reel.

But this is an issue that I can probably overlook since my hose had been in a tangled mess on the ground for the past nine months. Anything other than that is a vast Improvement. 

Moving the Reel

I tried for the first time to move the reel from spigot to spigot last week, and I was super impressed at how easily it travelled. I pulled it behind me, and the handle is at a perfect height for my size, but it is also adjustable for those who may be taller.

My kids are able to move the hose reel cart as well, and this means they can easily help me in the garden. The handle itself is cushioned (woot!), and the tires never go flat.

That is a total winner in my book and also what I love about my Gorilla Cart. I also love the fact that the Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart has a basket along the back. I’m able to keep both my watering wand and my hand sprayer (along with pruners) in the basket. They had been laying on the ground next to the house before this, so it’s a real help to my organization! (Notice a pattern to my general haphazardness in the garden?)

I definitely recommend this Liberty Garden hose reel cart for anyone who’s looking for a sturdy and stylish way to store their hose and wants to be able to move it from one place to the next. Liberty Garden does have other hose reels that can be mounted onto the side of a house and other items for the garden.

I highly recommend checking them out, and they have an entire storefront setup on Amazon to make it even easier to purchase garden products and have them delivered to your home in 2 days if you have Prime. the video of my review is below as well as some links to some of their other products that may fit needs for other gardeners. 

Some Liberty Garden Products that I like: (And see the video at the end!)

Wall Mount Hose Reel with Guide

liberty garden wall mount hose reel with guide

Wall Mount Directional Reel (So Fun!)

This mounted reel has some definite advantages if you have a wide garden area with raised beds to navigate around. I love how the reel turns. 

liberty garden wall mounted directional reel


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