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How to Save Zinnia Seeds

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Want to stop buying seeds each year and instead learn how easy it is to save zinnia seeds from your dried flowers? Have beautiful zinnias in the garden every year for free! They bring in pollinators and a fun, colorful element to the spring and summer garden.

Why save seeds?

Saving seeds is key to creating a self-sufficient garden. Though one of our main reasons for saving seeds is to save money from year to year, there’s also a great deal of comfort that comes from knowing that if times get hard, I can still have as many zinnias as I’d like.

Saving seeds can also be a blessing to others, since you can can easily save enough seeds to share with all of your neighbors and still have enough for yourself. You can also spread the wealth by giving seeds to your local community garden or master gardeners to use in their gardens or for local plant sales. The possibilities are endless!

How to save zinnia seeds

The process of saving zinnia seeds to use next year is quite easy. In fact, the most difficult part is in waiting for the flowers to dry out! Here are the steps.

  1. Allow flowers to dry out on the plant until they are brown and petals are crunchy. Cut flower off of plant.

2. Remove the dried petals from the plant and set to the side or compost. (Learn how to compost here!)

3. Break apart the center section of the flower that’s left and place the seeds on a plate or in a clean container. Pick out any dried petals that may be mixed in with the seeds. (You can leave them if you like. They shouldn’t really affect the saved seeds.)

4. Store the seeds in a sealed container or envelope in a cool, dry place. Seeds can also be kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

Seed Saving FAQs

  • How long can I store saved seeds? Zinnia seeds will remain viable for 5-6 years if stored properly. So be sure they are fully dried out before storing.
  • Can seeds be sown directly after saving for next year? I’ve certainly had zinnias come up where I’d let some go to seed the year before, but it won’t be as consistent as saving seed and planting them intentionally the next year.
  • Can you save zinnia seeds from cut flowers? If the flower has dried out on the plant, yes. If the flower was cut while in full bloom and dried out after being on display, then there’s a possibility that the seeds were not yet mature and ready for saving.
  • How can seeds be tested to see if they’re still viable? Seeds can easily be tested before planting in the spring by following these easy instructions for testing seeds.

More seed saving helps

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Jessica Atherton

Wednesday 16th of November 2022

I'd just like to add that Zinnia seeds look like little arrowheads. It took my a few failed saves to learn this.


Friday 18th of November 2022

Yes! You're exactly right. Thank you!

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