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Get Growing with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

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While most of us may consider the beginning of the year to be the time to set resolutions and “get ourselves healthier,” it actually seems like the fall or start of the school year is the natural place for those goals. We’re all jazzed up at the end of summer and getting back into normal routines, especially if you still have school age children. And if you got a bit loose over the summer with your gardening and/or your health, then it’s the perfect time to reset. Have you ever tried starting your garden over in January? There’s really not much going on. But September? There’s so much you can grow, and the cooler temps make for more pleasant gardening and fantastic dark green leafy vegetables.

What is the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?

You may have seen the collection of resources that Ultimate Bundles puts out through the year: productivity bundle, homemaking bundle, herbs and essential oils bundle, etc., but this particular bundle is all about healthy living and that includes gardening! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle contains the following products:

  • 47 ebooks on a range of topics from gardening, self-care, natural health, sleep, etc.
  • 32 audios, e-courses, and workshops (the Cooking Kids is my favorite e-course!)
  • 10 printable packs and workbooks (like my Complete Garden Planner!)
  • 2 summits

And all of these together are just $37; that’s 98% off the individual list price!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will help you:

  • lose weight naturally and keep it off for good
  • live more healthfully in spite of chronic illness or disease
  • get your family onboard and raise the healthiest kids possible
  • cleanse your home and beauty routine from dangerous toxins
  • reboot your sleep patterns and restore healthy sleep
  • and much more

And there are fantastic bonuses included with the bundle as well. These are heavily discounted items that are delivered right to your home, such as supplements, soaps, skincare, kombucha starter, and also digital products like a free 3-month subscription to the MashUp fitness app. It’s a total workout; trust me!

Click here to get your Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for only $37

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