Are you ready to grow your best garden yet?

For years I struggled to remember what to do each month in the garden, and I tended to over grow certain crops (eggplant, lots of eggplant) and not enough of others (like cucumbers). Over the past few seasons, I've discovered how important planning is to garden success. Planning not only saves money, because you're only buying what you need, but planning your garden helps you to have more successful harvests!

The Complete Garden Planner is the only garden planner you'll ever need! Customizable to your garden, easy to use, and helpful to keep you on track (and budget). Growing a garden with a variety of veggies has never been easier! And you can use it every year, for every season, all for less than $10! Here are some of the features in the Complete Garden Planner:

  • Sun Mapping page
  • Square-Foot and Traditional Garden planning pages
  • What to grow planning pages
  • Monthly suggested to-do lists
  • Weekly to-do’s to keep you on track and growing
  • Succession crop planning
  • Preservation planning page
  • Seed Starting Schedule
  • Fruit Trees and Bushes Care
  • Fertilization Schedule
  • and more!
  • Planning A Garden Has Never Been Easier!

    Here's why our readers love The Complete Garden Planner:

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    Monthly Garden Tasks

    Not sure what you should be doing month-by-month to maintain your garden? Find general tasks specific to each month, as well as open space to write in tasks personalized for your garden. 


    Companion Planting

    Not sure what grows well together? We have you covered with a few suggestions and plenty of room for you to record what grows best side-by-side in your garden. There's also a helpful list of resources for you to learn more about Companion Planting.

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    One Low Cost

    It's only $8.99! And since the planner is printable and made for all seasons, you can print the planner year after year, and never have to repurchase again, even if your garden goals change. It's a gardening dream planner!

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    What people are saying about the Complete Garden Planner:


    I really loved the lay out. It is easy to follow and with the step by step guide allows the gardener to stay in control.

    Wanda G.

    Home Gardener


    I give it 5 stars!
    What I like the most is your monthly task page. I never know when to start things. And it was very easy to read.

    Halina M.
    Gardener and Planner Reviewer


    Yea! for a Sun map; I have never seen one in a planner. (I have had more than a few). I like the pages for making garden maps in a variety of garden styles. Easy to understand seed starting schedule. Good table for succession planting. One of the most important sections - what grew well - good to see.

    Dianne N.
    Home Gardener

    Not quite ready for the Complete Garden Planner?

    That's okay! I have a FREE Simple Kitchen Garden Planner for those just getting started!

    Hi, I'm Courtney!

    I'm so glad you've stopped by, and my hope is to see thriving kitchen gardens in every yard! I haven't always used my garden space effectively, but I finally discovered the power of planning! I knew it worked in my classroom and at home, but once I began planning out my garden, I saw larger harvests, and more effective use of my time. And we all need more hours in a day!

    There's no greater pleasure than growing your own fruits and vegetables in your very own yard. And gardening doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. My hope is that my planner will help you make the best use of your time and financial resources so that you can grow fresh food at home and spend less at the grocery store. Happy Gardening!

    Courtney Johnson
    The Kitchen Gardener
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