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Garden Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Not sure what to get your garden-loving mama for mother’s day? This could be a gift for your own mom, your wife (from the kids, of course!), or simply a friend who loves to have her hands in the soil.

There are some fantastic gifts out there for those who love to garden, so there’s no need for you to feel stumped when it comes to buying a garden gift for someone you love.

Woman holding a planter of pink begonias

Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

Go beyond flowers this Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are an amazing garden gift idea. And since Mother’s Day falls in the middle of spring, the selection of blooms available is beyond compare!

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Beautiful begonias, fluffy hydrangeas, pungent lilies… just to name a few!  If you do want to go with a floral option for your mom’s mother’s day gift, then consider whether she prefers potted plants or whether she would rather something that can be planted in the yard.

For Mother’s Day two years ago, I received a fig tree from my kids, which I loved, and the best part was that “planting” came with the gift. So be sure to offer to plant your gift if mom requests it. Here are some popular choices for both potted plants and those that go in the ground:

Potted Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day

  • DIY Mason Jar Herb Planter would be a fun idea for any kid looking to make mom a planter from what you may already have at home!
  • Bucket of Begonias (pictured above)- for a shady spot on mom’s porch or patio, begonias are a sure winner. Use a galvanized bucket or planter to give a rustic but chic feel to her space as well!
  • Hanging Basket of Wave Petunias- One of my favorite basket blooms is wave petunias. They’re easy to grow and overflow the basket to trail down. What a stunner!                             
  • Geraniums… in any container! Geraniums are a summer favorite with their variety of shades and their tolerance of summer’s heat. And they are easy to care for and keep blooming all summer long.

Fun Garden Gifts for Mom

Whether your moms likes to hear the tinkling of wind chimes while relaxing in the yard or garden, or if she’s interested in trying her hand at growing herbs indoors, there are plenty of gift ideas out there.

Here are a few garden gifts that are sure to get your mom excited this Mother’s Day:

A Roo Apron– Perfect for harvesting with carrying a basket or having no place for tools, the Roo Apron has pockets for tools, as well as a huge harvesting pouch that’s easy to empty out back in the kitchen. Use my code KITCHENGAR for 10% off your purchase, and stack this with any deals Roo Apron has going on!

Roo apron in green
Roo Apron in green

Leaves Roots and Fruit by Nicole Burke- The founder of Gardenary and The Rooted Garden is releasing her new book just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s the ultimate guide to creating a organic kitchen garden at home with everything from how to build your own raised bed to exactly how to plant and maintain vegetables at home!

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes– I received these myself six years ago for Mother’s Day, and they remind me of Granny’s house every time I hear them. They’re not tinny and aggravating, but instead are perfectly tuned to make a beautiful and rich sound every time the wind blows. They hold up remarkably well, no peeling paint or broken pieces on my chimes, and the sound is glorious! Here’s a short clip of the bells in action:

Elevated Cedar Planter If your mom enjoys gardening on a small scale or would just like a higher planter to make life easier, then a raised cedar planter would be an excellent choice! The CedarCraft raised bed requires no tools for assembly and has a plenty of space for growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs. The western red cedar is a sturdy and weather resistant building material, and since it’s elevated, voles and gophers are a problem no longer! (Want a simpler planter? Try a fire ring for an instant round raised bed!)

CedarCraft raised planter in a green lawn with flowers

Gorilla Cart– Now, I know Mom may seem dainty and ladylike, but she’s also super functional. A Gorilla Cart makes life so. much. easier. Its large capacity for mom’s plants, weeds, and mulch also has an easy dump bed. In fact, I finally got a Gorilla Cart for Mother’s Day last year, and I love it! And as a bonus, it can also be connected to the back of a riding mower for truly heavy hauling (it has a 1,200 lb capacity!).

gorilla cart with raised bed garden in background

AeroGarden Harvest– For moms who like to bring the garden indoors, Aerogarden is the number one seller for indoor gardens. Their easy-to-use instructions and range of sizes make them an easy pick for someone who like fresh herbs, greens, or veggies growing on the countertop. The Harvest is the smallest of the Aerogarden line, and it’s a great way to test out if indoor gardening is something mom would like. And chances are, if she likes fresh herbs, she’ll be incredibly happy with this compact counter model. It also comes in a variety of colors to match her kitchen!

Aerogarden Harvest full of herbs sitting on a counter

Countertop Microgreens Kit– Micro greens are easy to grow, packed with nutrients, and super tasty! Give mom everything she needs to grow micros right on the kitchen counter. And maybe you’ll reap the rewards of her new micro green hobby!

Kitchen Gifts for Gardening Mamas

Most moms who like to garden, also like bringing those goodies into the kitchen. Whether she preserves her food by canning and freezing, or simply likes to have fresh veggies on hand straight from the garden, there are great kitchen helps for gardening moms.

Fermentation Kit– The process of fermentation is coming back in a big way! And it’s more than just pickles and sauerkraut. Fermentation helps to preserve harvests and is wonderful for gut health! This kit from True Leaf Market has rings, coils, and lids that fit on mason jars. This kit makes fermenting veggies a snap! (I personally used this for my fermented radishes last year, and loved them!)

Cold Brew Kit– This may be more of a survival kit for younger gardening moms, but in the heat of summer, a refreshing glass of cold brew coffee with a splash of cream hits the spot. Encourage mom to take a break from the heat in the garden with homemade cold brew. You’ll be saving her tons of money that would normally be spent at the local coffee shop, too! The kit includes a 64 oz jar, stainless steel filter, lid, and cold brew coffee already ground and ready to go!

DIY Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

If a DIY gift is more your speed for mom, I’ve got you covered with a few garden gift ideas:

DIY Hanging Succulent Planter

Self-Watering Planter from a Galvanized Bucket

DIY Chalkboard Garden Markers

Hand Painted Garden Markers

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

I’d also love to know if you’ve received or given other garden gifts in the past that you’ve loved. Comment below and keep the ideas coming! Have a great day and happy gardening!