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DIY Blueberry Bush Covers

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The jewel of mid-summer, the mighty blueberry, is one of the easiest fruits to grow. Beautiful blueberry bushes produce sweet purple-blue orbs each summer (hopefully) and don’t require too much fuss. And these easy DIY blueberry bush covers use PVC pipe, zip ties, and wildlife netting to protect your precious blueberry harvest!

Blueberry Bush Covers


But the thing about blueberries is my kids aren’t the only ones who love them. The birds have taken quite a liking to these delicious fruits. Who can really blame them? Putting wildlife netting over the bushes didn’t help. The birds simply sat on the branches and picked at the fruit in the openings of the nets. And while I love birds, I don’t want to let them feed freely on my ripe, delicious blueberries.

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Enter a solution: Easy DIY Blueberry Bush Covers. Some friends of ours have an empty field behind their back fence where they have three blueberry bushes. With the location of their bushes, a field, come lots of blueberry-loving deer. In order to keep the deer from eating all of their berries, they came up with covers made with PVC pipe and wildlife netting. What a perfect and low-cost solution to berry loving critters. And the design is quite simple, a cube made from PVC! Even the youngest gardeners can help put these covers together.

Why use PVC for fruit bush covers?

The reason for using this particular material for framing is twofold. One, the material is readily available and fairly inexpensive. Any local hardware store will carry it. And two, PVC is light enough to be removed easily to harvest berries. And there’s no need to be concerned about the wind taking it away either. We have you covered there. See the directions below.

While having large white cubes in your yard may not be the most attractive option, you could always spray paint the PVC dark green or brown to blend in with the surroundings. Since our blueberry bushes are in the side yard, and not in plain view, we didn’t worry about this. But it’s always good to know there’s an option to make these covers a little less noticeable.


Blueberry Cover Supplies


How to Build Blueberry Bush Covers

1. Determine how tall and wide you’d like your blueberry bush cover. We actually have a larger and smaller bush, so we made two different sizes. With your PVC pipe, cut

      – 4 height-wise lengths (ex. for a 4ft tall cover, cut 4 48-inch pieces)

      – 8 width-wise pieces (ours are 3 feet wide and deep, so we cut 8- 3ft pieces) blueberry bush covers

2. Using the 4 width-wise pieces and 4 connectors, create a square. Repeat this with the other 4 widthwise pieces and 4 connectors. Once you have two pvc squares (one is the top and one the bottom of your cover), connect them using your length-wise pieces. DIY Blueberry bush covers

3. Once your cover frame is complete, add the wildlife netting. My hubby did this by draping it over the top and securing it with zip ties. Be sure to overlap the netting so you don’t leave any gaps for birds or other animals to get through. The zip ties work well since they can be cut away if necessary, and in our case, they were the same color as the PVC.  blueberry bush covers

4. Finally, place the cover over the blueberry plants and anchor them down with landscape pins. These will keep any gusts of wind or nosy deer from pushing over the covers. The covers can be easily lifted away when you’re ready to harvest. The landscape pins are simple to lift up and replace when you’re finished. blueberry bush covers


I have picked two small harvests from our blueberry bushes so far this summer, and they are delicious! When you’re able to pick ripe fruit from your own yard, it’s a wonderful feeling. If I can keep away from eating them all, there may be a blueberry pie in our future! Grab my recipe for Fresh Blueberry Pie here!

I’d love to know how you keep the birds away from your blueberry bushes or your favorite blueberry recipe! Have a wonderful week and happy gardening!

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Garden Goddess

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Works great. I made these about 4 years ago for my dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees. I used chicken wire instead of netting. My problem is squirrels. They cleaned out my plum tree in one day, and start in on my green pomegranates. They have been unsuccessful in breaching these cages.


Friday 17th of July 2020

I really like your design for individual blueberry bushes. My 9-year-old son Alex and I just put up a post (and a short video he stars in :)) about how we built a similar blueberry cage for our row of 5 blueberry bushes. We're also using PVC, garden mesh netting, and zip ties. We've also added velcro zip ties for the front flap, so we can open and close the whole front of the cage (it's about 10 feet wide). In case you're interested, you can see the photos and Alex's video here: https://myhomeupgrades.com/blueberry-cage/


Sunday 19th of July 2020

Thank you so much for sharing Christopher! This is great info for those with a blueberry hedge!

nichole DAVIS

Wednesday 17th of June 2020

how do you make arched shaped??


Thursday 18th of June 2020

Hi Nichole, you would need a different kind of joint, one that allowed for the top pieces to arch instead of going straight across. I'd check out your local plumbing store and see if they have something that would work. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 12th of February 2020

As to the bird netting, gray electric conduit holds up better under sunlight; pvc pipe is made to go under ground; pvc pipe fittings work with plastic conduit too. Don't glue them together so the frame can be easily disassembled; press them together or use screws. Arch shaped frames are stronger than squares.


Wednesday 12th of February 2020

Thanks for the suggestion Jim!


Thursday 19th of September 2019

What a great idea! Where did you get the landscape pins?


Friday 20th of September 2019

Hi Jen! I get mine at Lowes, but my local gardening center also carries them.