Grow Your Best Basil: A Bountiful Harvest With Just A Few Easy Snips!
Never Grow Small, Skinny Basil Again!
Want a successful basil season from seed to table? All of the tips and helps you need to start basil from seed, transplant, prune, grow, save, and use basil are packed into this concise book!  


New gardener? No problem! This easy-to-read approach to basil care is perfect for new and experienced gardeners alike. 


Make your next basil harvest the most successful yet!


"I’ve always planted basil by direct seed so never had to be concerned with acclimating this herb.  Her details were very helpful and could be implemented with many other plants that have been started indoors by seed."                 

 Carole from


"This little book is a great reference book at a very affordable price. Much of the information is good for all types of herbs, veggies and even flowers. So if you are just getting into gardening or even if you have been gardening for a while consider buying this handy guide for your self or give one as a gift!"

Patti from



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