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9 Best Plants to Give as Gifts

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Giving a plant as a gift is a gesture that will provide long-lasting joy. There are no calories or wrong sizes involved.

In fact, indoor plants can live for decades and produce multiple offspring via cuttings that can be shared, so the joy will spread far and wide. Here are 9 fantastic choices for plants to give as gifts, even for those who aren’t green thumbs!

9 best plants for gifting

When considering giving a plant as a gift, be sure to select a plant that is easy to care for so the recipient won’t be encumbered with the care of a finicky houseplant. Check out these 8 plants that are easy-care and make excellent gifts for any occasion.

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Great plants for gifts

Poinsettias as gifts

This tropical plant is a classic at Christmas, but did you know they can live year round? I’ve had a poinsettia in my living room for the past two years, and while it isn’t the red gem it was when I purchased it, it is growing strong. Gifting a poinsettia to someone at the holidays is a perfect gift that has no calories!

flower basket with Christmas Poinsettias and ferns
Flower basket with Christmas Poinsettias and ferns

 Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Cactus

Just last year, I would have told you that all indoor plants of this variety are called Christmas Cactus, but that’s just not true. The shapes of the leaves of this variety of cactus will clue you in to what type you have or are purchasing. These low maintenance plants all blooms stunning multi-layered blooms once a year, so they’re a wonderful gift.

If you have one of these cacti, then you can root a new plant for a friend very easily, so don’t be afraid to give it a try! Find Christmas Cactus online here!

Christmas cactus in pot on wooden table

African Spear Plant

This beautiful plant will produce 12-18 inch tall leaves that are shaped like a spear. The African Spear Plant (Sansevieria Cylindrica) grows best in bright light and only requires minimal water to thrive. So even a friend with the tiniest green thumb can keep this one alive.

Sansevieria Cylindrica plant in a white vase on white background
Sansevieria Cylindrica plant in a white vase on white background

Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior) is virtually indestructible and thrives on neglect. 

This tough houseplant can survive on very little water, low-light, and in dry indoor air. Wipe dust off leaves with a soft, damp cloth as needed.

They are also perfect porch plants for those without direct sun and with mild temperatures. So if the person you gift this to would rather not have an indoor plant, chances are they can stick it outside to thrive! (Find cast iron plants here!)

cast-iron-plant or bar-room plant in a clay pot
cast-iron-plant or bar-room plant in a clay pot

Chinese Money Plant

Pilea peperomioides has large round leaves shaped like coins. The Chinese Money plant is always producing tiny new plants that are easy to remove from the soil and give as gifts. Place plant in a bright location, water when soil becomes dry, and it will reach a mature height of 1-2 feet.

And who doesn’t want a plant that produces money? This would be a great gift for a family with young kids, since the parents could talk about money growing on trees.

Pilea peperomioides, Chinese money plant or pancake plant
Pilea peperomioides. Chinese money plant or pancake plant.

Hindu Rope Plant

This is a slow-growing indoor plant that produces trailing vines which resemble thick ropes. The Hindu Rope Plant (Hoya carnosa compacta) needs 4-hours of direct sunlight daily and regular watering in order for it to produce clusters of tiny pink blooms.

So this plant would be the perfect gift for a friend who loves flowers and wants to try growing them indoors!


Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a hardy vine plant that has glossy light green leaves that wilt when the plant is thirsty. Ideal for growing in a hanging basket or allowing to grow vertically and climbing along the wall.

The pothos plant is so easy to grow that it is a common housewarming gift. We’ve had several pothos plants in our home since we first got married, so they certainly do stand the test of time. No interest in having them long and trailing? Simply prune them back!

The Pothos with natural light in the morning
The Pothos with Natural Light in the Morning

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-Laws Tongue, the Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) is an easy-care indoor plant that is in the cacti family. The snake plant will produce tall leaves that resemble a green tongue and a white hooded bloom in summer that resemble a cobra. Wipe dust off leaves with a damp cloth as needed and water sparingly.

snake plants in white planters
Snake plants on display

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is commonly known as the ZZ plant and is an easy-care succulent that is native to Africa. And no, it doesn’t have a long beard and drive a classic car. I digress.

The ZZ plant has glossy round leaves and only needs to be watered once a month, so impress a friend with this low maintenance plant as a gift!

ZZ plant in natural fiber planter on windowsill

Plants are such a wonderful gift idea because they are useful for brightening up a home and cleaning the air, as well as being fairly low maintenance. So consider giving plants as gifts for any number of occasions this year.

If you are a plant person yourself, then you may be able to simply share plants you’re already growing at home!

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