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26 of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

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Are you looking for an original and thoughtful gift for the green-fingered gardener in your life? If you’re wondering what gifts to get this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place! 

26 stocking stuffers for gardeners

Let me help provide you with the ultimate guide to choosing the best stocking stuffers for gardeners. We’ll take a look at some of the must-have accessories, everyday essentials, and unique finds that any garden enthusiast would love to find in their stocking. Also, check out my video at the bottom of this post where I show some of the items I bought this year for stockings!

Garden Tools as Stocking Stuffers

Gardening is one of those hobbies that needs tools, so here are some serious tools (though not very expensive) for those gardeners on your list. 

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1. Hori Hori Knife: This is one of the must-have tools for gardeners. With one sharp edge and one serrated, this gardening knife even comes with its own sheath and has an etching on the edge of the blade for depth on it as well. This is a multi-purpose tool that is invaluable to gardeners worldwide. Check out this one from Amazon, or check at your local Garden Center. 

2. Dibber: A dibber is a planting tool used to put seeds and plants at their proper depth. They come in both wooden versions, like the one I have, or metal. They include measurements along the side in both centimeters and inches so that you can put your seeds and plants at the proper depth. Some seeds will not germinate if they are planted too deeply, so this dibber is a great tool. They also come in a variety of sizes. I have the larger version, but a smaller more compact version is also available. 

3. Garden Trowel: Well you might think that your favorite gardener already has this essential tool, but there is always room for another one, especially if you can gift a stainless steel trowel that won’t rust even when left strewn about in the garden. They easily fit into a stocking and are perfect no matter if the gardener has been at it for years or is just starting out with their green thumb.

4. Hand Rake: About the same size as a trowel, a hand rake is just what it sounds like. This hand tool fits easily into a stocking, and is perfect for cleaning up around plants especially during the height of the season. Leaving dead leaves and other debris around the base of plants can sometimes be a haven for pests, so a nice little hand rake is a perfect gift idea. 

5. Rain Gauge: You know what gardeners are always measuring? The rain. A lovely rain gauge will help gardeners know exactly how much rain they’ve gotten. This is valuable information to know how much to water the garden or if they need to supplement at all. Rain gauges come in a variety of sizes and some are very functional and basic while others are quite pretty. Check out this one from Amazon

6. Garden Kneeler Pad: I’m not sure this classifies as a tool exactly, but it will certainly save your knees if you are working in a flower bed or next to a low raised bed garden. Garden kneelers are incredibly helpful and make it possible for gardeners to be able to work longer. Many of these can be found at your local Dollar Store, so they are also incredibly affordable. 

7. Garden Pruners: No gardening tool kit is complete without a good pair of gardening pruners. please don’t have to break the bank. My favorite pair of Mueller Garden pruners are incredibly affordable and very durable. and if your gardener tends to forget their tools outside or stores them outside, then chances are they may need a new pair of pruners here and there. They fit easily inside a stocking and are sure to be appreciated on Christmas morning. 

Stocking Stuffer Gardening Helps 

While these aren’t gardening tools, these helps will aid you in growing a beautiful vegetable or flower garden. From sticky traps to velcro ties, in this list of perfect stocking stuffers is something for every type of gardener. 

8. Garden gloves: Is this gift a little too obvious? Much like the garden trowel, there is always room for more. check out these Bellingham Thorn resistant gloves if you want to upgrade your favorite gardeners hand wear. The thick palms and finger protection on these gloves will help them prune raspberries, roses, and other prickly plants with ease. 

9. Nail Brush: If anything is a guarantee in gardening, it’s soil. up underneath your fingertips and so difficult to get out. A nail brush at just about every sink in the house is a great way to come back this. upgrade your gardeners nail brush by choosing one of these lovely wood varieties. They are thoughtful and simple gifts that’s almost always less than $10. 

10. Soil Test Kit: If you know your Gardener is in need of soil test or they’ve never had one done before, then putting a Free Soil Test Kit from your local extension office or an at home kit in their stocking is a great idea. At the very beginning of the year, most Extension Office soil test can be sent in for free, so if you opt for this route, all it will cost you is the gas it takes to go to your local office and pick up the soil box. This is a great gift idea especially if you’re on a budget. 

11. Seed Packets: If you happen to know your gardener’s favorite vegetable, flower, or plant to grow, then feel free to grab a packet or two of their favorite seeds from a quality seed company and put those in their stocking. It’s a wonderful gift because it was something they would buy anyway, and it shows that you actually know what they enjoy growing. 

12. Plant Ties: For any gardener who likes growing anything with height, such as tomatoes or vines, then having some good quality plant ties would make an excellent stocking stuffer. you can choose from a variety such as twine or even these velcro ties which can be used over and over again. I would opt for the reusable one simply because they can last more than one season. and if this is the first time your Gardener has received these, I’m willing to bet they will love them. 

13. Garden Planner: I find a good quality garden planner to be a wonderful gift idea especially for someone who is just starting out and isn’t sure yet what they want to plant and where. there are a lot of great planner options out on the market including some on my own site. but select the one you think suits your Gardener best. it can easily fit in a stocking even if you have to roll it a little. 

14. Seed Envelopes: If your Gardener enjoys saving his or her own seeds or even sharing seeds with others from their overflow, then getting some blank seed envelopes is the perfect stocking stuffer. these can be customized and come on a variety of sizes. I love having these on hand personally so that I can share seeds with others and also save seed from my garden each year. 

​15. Gardening Apron: If you have been around my website any length of time, then you know I absolutely love my gardening apron. this allows me to be hands-free in the garden, and it holds my harvest, my tools, and my phone. there’s really no better combination. it’s easily able to be washed and used year after year. I personally have a Roo apron and it is the real deal. See the Roo here!

Fun Gardening Finds for Christmas Stockings

​These awesome stocking stuffers may  not be absolutely essential for the gardener you’re buying for, but they are quite fun. From decorative markers to hilarious mugs, there’s a chance that one of these gifts may become your gardener’s favorite thing!

16.  Herb Plant Markers: These herb plant markers are beautiful and functional. perfect for using indoors or out in a traditional Garden or in containers, these markers will be able to last for years. give your Gardener the gift of plant organization by gifting them these lovely markers.

17. Herb Pinch and Pull Pot: Speaking of herbs, there’s no easier way to harvest the leaves off of the stem of an herb plant them with this cute little pinch and pull pot. the various holes in the side of the pot make it possible for all types of herbs to be drawn through collecting the edible leaves in the bowl of the pot. this is perfect to keep on the counter for using fresh herbs and cooking or next to the coffee pot for fresh herbal tea. Try this one!

18. Garden Candles: Garden scented candles are such a fun idea for the stocking. I have seen several over the years including some even labeled as Garden tomatoes scent. find out your Gardener’s favorite herb or plant scent and give them a candle to match. Check out this Etsy shop with handmade soy candles.

19. Plant themed Jewelry: Does your Gardener also happen to love jewelry? then snags some plant themed earrings, bracelets or necklaces so they can share their love of gardening as they’re out and about. There are so many creative designs and you can find almost any plant you want in jewelry form. this is a gift that will last for years and it’s tiny enough to fit in any size stocking. Check out Gathering Well for fun plant themed jewelry and other items!

20. Garden Themed Coffee Mug:  Check out these cute Garden themed mugs you can find on etsy. handcrafted pottery and fun messages go a long way and I’m sure your gardening favorite will love them. See this fun mug on Etsy!

21. Personal sized tea infuser or kettle: If it’s an herb gardener you’re shopping for, then a personal sized infuser or kettle with a steeping insert would be a great gift for them to use all of those fresh herbs they’re growing. herbal tea is a wonderful way to use herbs and to save money not buying boxed teas.

22. Foldable sun hat: Gardeners are out in the sun quite a bit, so why not gift them a foldable sun hat that can easily fit in their back pocket or gardening apron? A hat like this will give them protection from overexposure to the sun and help keep them cooler in summer months. Find on here on Amazon.

Free Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

If the budget is tight or you’re just into making use of what you (or others) have, then here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for gardeners that cost next to nothing!

23. Bulbs– Have a friend who is giving away bulbs (think gladiolus)? Wrap them up in a fun bag and place them in the stocking of a loved one. This is a great option for any gardener who loves blooms. 

24. Garden Catalogs– Many companies have free gardening catalogs with all kinds of helpful tips and articles. Grab a few good quality ones to put in the stocking and watch your favorite gardener dream away about what they’ll grow in the vegetable garden and flower beds this spring. (See my full post on The Best Seed Catalogs.)

25. Homemade garden journal– If you have some blank paper and cardstock, you can put together a DIY garden journal that will fit nicely in a stocking. Simply stack the paper and one piece of cardstock neatly, Then fold in half. You’ll have a perfectly sized garden journal that kids or grandkids can decorate for their favorite gardener. 

26. Plant Cutting or Rooting– Give the gift of a plant by snagging a cutting from someone else and getting it started. Place it at the top of the stocking, with a small plastic bag around the roots or bottom along with a damp paper towel inside. I’d wait until the Christmas Eve to add this one. 

​Have more ideas for great stocking stuffers for gardeners? Be sure to comment below to share with the rest of us! Happy Gardening!