Valentines Day is definitely here, breathing down the neck of every kid with a looming V-day party, or should I say, breathing down the neck of every PARENT who has a kid with an upcoming Valentines Day party. Because we all know who really takes care of getting those Valentines (and I should have probably said MOTHER up above, because well… you know.) If you’re like me, procrastination isn’t so much an occasional thing; it’s how I live my life. Nothing gets done until it’s “go-time” and we’re two seconds from full-on panic mode. That’s when I thrive, and frankly when my best ideas come. So all you pre-planners out there, brace yourselves; I’m sure your kid’s cards are already filled out and in a ziplock inside their backpacks, and I applaud you. You’re my mom hero, but I can also accept the fact that God just didn’t include that particular app when he put me together.

So, what I have found are some awesome FREE printable Valentines for those who have just remembered their kids have a Valentines party coming up, or who really are ahead of the game and want original, cute, and personalized cards this year. Either way, these will work for you!

  1. Star Wars Themed Cards (A Grande Life)- Darth looks so cute, right? A Grande Life even has cards for The Force Awakens!star-wars-valentines-agrandelifenet
  2. Conversation Hearts (Bunny Cakes) Sure, the real candy tastes like chalk, but we still eat them, because they’re cute, and so are these cards. convoheartsbunnycakes
  3. Perfect Match Cards (ButtonedUp) PB&J, Milk and Cookies, Bacon and Eggs! Come on, these couldn’t be cuter, and they could definitely be used by adults, bonus!free_printable_valentines_day_cards12getbuttonedupcom
  4. Classic Valentines Cards (Reading with Kids)- These remind me of what I used to take to school, before everything was overrun by tv show and movie characters. Super cute and simple!printable-valentinesreadingwithkidscom
  5. Puzzle Cards (Food Fun Family) These are great for older kids who may not be into cutesy anymore, and they’re great fun for the recipient!Free-printable-Valentines-Day-puzzle-cardsfoodfamilyfun
  6. Fan{tache}tic Mustache Cards (The Frugal Girls) So awesome, and the kids can cut out the mustache while it’s still stuck to the sucker and be instantly dapper.
  7. Verse Cards (Rachel Wojo)- These are such a beautiful way to encourage other kids (or adults!) in their faith, and a pretty hard find at the corner drugstore. valentinesrachelwojocom
  8. Minecraft Cards (Meet Penny)- If you have a son above the age of 6, chances are he loves Minecraft, and these are a perfect fit. also has several other printable valentines to check out!free-printable-minecraft-valentines-day-cards-for-kidsmeetpennycom
  9. Pencil Holder Cards (Muffingrayson)- Cute and no candy anywhere in sight!DSC_0041muffingraysoncom

So get these cards printing, have your kids fill them out, and feel like you’ve just won Mom of the Year! At least until the next class party. Happy Valentines Day!

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