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Seed planting time is officially here. And if you live in the deep south, then you’ve probably already started. I absolutely love getting my seed packets in the mail and thinking about how these tiny seeds will soon sprout into thriving plants. Buying seeds, instead of plants, is one great way to save money, big time! On average, a package of seeds will cost $2 or $3 dollars, and that’s usually a good non-gmo, heirloom, or organic brand. Those packages hold enough seeds for a whole flat of plants, at least!

While I have quite a few seeds that I will sow directly into the garden in a few weeks, some of my seeds need to start indoors. A good seed starting mix and a tray (or egg carton, newspaper, etc.) and you’ll be on your way to having a successful spring garden. To help me remember what I’ve planted and when, i created a super simple seed starting schedule (can you say that ten times fast?). This can easily be added onto your Kitchen Garden Planner, and it’s a wonderful way to keep track of what was planted, when they should germinate, transplant, etc. In the past, I’ve kept my seed packages in a brown paper envelope, and I’d have to go back and look at the package to remember how many days until I see seedlings? How many days until maturity? It was not a great system.

My seed starting schedule keeps all of your planting info in one simple place. When you begin your seed, simply record what you planted and when. Then use the other boxes to record that important info directly off of the seed package. There is also a place to record when you transplanted. For the gardener who likes to keep things simple, this free printable schedule will be perfect for you.

seed starting

This year I have started more seeds than in previous years, and I’m hoping for great results. I also began saving more seed last season, so I’m interested to see how they fare this spring. Gardening can be such a fun and challenging activity, and there is certainly something new to learn each year. This schedule will help any gardener keep track of useful data that can be used in planning out next year’s garden. Learning from experiences is always a win!

seed starting

Here’s what seed we started this year:

Hale’s musk melon (cantaloupe)



Squash (I’ll direct sow squash and zucchini if needed)



Bell Pepper

Jellybean tomatoes (Seed saved from last year)

Better Boy Tomatoes



I’ll be posting our full spring garden plans later in the week. I’m very excited to show you what we’ll be adding to the garden this year. My hubs has graciously added two more raised beds to our kitchen garden, and I’ll be using more of our yard as edible landscape. Planting time is one of my favorite times of the year!

So grab your free printable Seed Starting Schedule and add it to your Kitchen Garden Planner. I’d love to know what you’ll be starting from seed this year, and what your favorite seed companies are! I’m always looking for great products.I know I’ve mentioned before that Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is my go-to seed company; they’re fabulous! Have a great week and Happy Gardening!  SeedSchedule  Seed Schedule



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