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Way back in my college days, I fell hard and fast for… Target! I don’t care if they sell exactly the same thing as Wal-Mart; there’s something about the presentation and look of a Target store that makes me happy to be there (this could also have something to do with the Starbucks). I’m sure there’s a scientific reason for this.. the red and white bullseye is surely a marketing ploy. The Dollar Spot when you first walk in? I’m such a sucker! But not all is lost; let me show you how to put together a super cute Easter basket for cheap and never have to venture beyond the snack bar.

We like to keep Easter baskets pretty simple around here because we want our kids to be able to see past the “stuff” to what Easter is all about. In the past, we’ve usually chosen one stuffed animal, a book, and a small package of Lindt chocolate carrots for each child, and that’s served us well. But this year, I saw an end cap of kids’ gardening supplies at Target, and I knew (cue bright light and angelic music) that this would be perfect for this year’s Easter baskets.

My kids have been more and more interested in the garden, and this provides a way to get kids equipped for helping, as well as give them something to grow. Because what is more perfect for Easter than to be able to watch plants come to life before their very eyes? The wonder of creation contained in a tiny clay pot. Brilliant! So, you can tell I was more than a little excited to see that The Dollar Spot had various items for the kiddie gardener:

Garden gloves (in pink or green)

Watering cans (green or pink)

Shovels (various colors)

Hand rakes (various colors)

Pots with seeds (tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, parsley, poppies, etc.)

Garden totes (with pockets for their tools)

Garden aprons (for the professional, of course)

easter bucket

I eventually settled on a watering can, shovel, rake, poppy kit, and a package of Peeps. I even picked up the pink tub and paper shreds in the Dollar Spot, and I’ll plan to use those in other places around the house. I did have to venture to the other side of the cash registers for the Peeps, but it was worth it. Nothing feels like a garden quite like little chicks. (On a side note, I’ve totally been trying to sell my hubs on having chickens in the yard, but so far, it’s a no-go. Boo. I’m sure my neighbors are thanking him. Update: We now have chickens… woop!)

The filled Easter bucket totaled $10, which I thought was a pretty good deal. My kids usually don’t “use” their actual baskets after Easter morning, so this bucket will work its way into our decor. Win-win. So, if your kids already have a basket they use from year to year, the cost to create a garden-themed basket would be even less. Lucky you! So, think a little outside of the Easter basket this year, and consider what your kids can use and what won’t lay around the house uselessly.

Can’t get to Target? Here are some great alternatives from Amazon that are close in price:

Just For Kids Garden Tool Set (Comes with hand rake, trowel, and shovel in a cute striped bag)

VIdatoy Simple 12-piece Garden Set (This is a big set of mini tools, pots, and watering can. They’re plastic, so are perfect for littles.)

Little Pals Junior Garden Kit (This set includes a canvas tote, bucket, rake, shovel, and garden markers. Very cute and comes in blue or pink.)

I’d love to know what you like to put in your kids’ baskets, and what have they loved the most over the years! Happy Gardening!

easter basket

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