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Can you believe it’s February already?!? Seriously, January was gone in a flash, and since we haven’t had much cold weather here yet, I’m wondering if the groundhog was right, and we’ll just roll right into spring. Even if it is chillier (i.e. frozen) where you are, it’s not too early to start thinking about your spring garden. While not everyone does (or can) garden into the winter, most people who have an interest in growing will do so in the Spring, and depending on where you live, you could start as soon as March. My parents live in Florida, and I always take my cues from my dad. When he starts his garden in early March, I know I’m about five weeks behind him, so I start getting ready (Cue “Eye of the Tiger” theme song). And since he sends me his extra seeds, I find myself pacing beside the mailbox.

Make Planning Easier

Whether you have a spare acre or just a small corner in the backyard, planting a garden is a project, so you definitely need a plan. What are you going to grow? Where are you going to put it? What do you need? So I came up with a super simple garden planner to help you put down all of those ideas for your spring garden (or any season really). I know I’ve had many a frustrating trip to the hardware store for plants or seeds and I forget what I already have and end up with zucchinis up to my ears. So do yourself a favor and grab this planner. It’s free! And once you download it, you’ll have it on hand for any season. Simply save the file and print as needed!

Square-foot, Row, or Container

No matter what style of garden you’re planning for this year, you can benefit from this planner. There are specific pages for square foot plots and a planning rectangle for those row gardeners, so you can literally map out what you will plant and where.

Results and Reflection

I’ve added a newer section for this coming spring that gives you a little space to record some data. For the organizer in all of us, there’s a small place to record when you fertilized your plants. Also new for this year is a reflections sections. This simply allows you a space to write down what worked and what didn’t. Every year I garden I’m learning new things, and I usually forget to write them down, relying totally on my memory. My memory isn’t always quite as sharp as I think, so writing down any thoughts on what I’d like to do differently next season will get my next spring off to a great start.

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garden planner

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