Did you see that title?? It’s a giveaway! Spring is less than 2 months away and now is the time to start planning your vibrant and productive garden. Wouldn’t it be easy if there was a guide to walk you through how to get your garden beds ready? And what if it had a handy list of recommended plants? Along with what to start from seed and what to buy? Have I got you covered!! (For both the planning and the products!)

There just happens to be a fabulous new book Startle Garden from fellow blogger Carole at Garden Up Green. I only wish I’d had this book when I was first gardening. It would have saved me a lot of hiccups along the way. But whether you are a first-time gardener or have been digging in the dirt for years, there’s valuable information to be found in the well planned pages of her book. From planning your garden space, to transplanting and care, to maintenance in each season, this book gives you valuable info for every step of the gardening process. Startle Garden

Not only are the steps and instructions clear, but there are beautiful images on each and every page. Pictures give us visual instructions, and so many gardening books out there have minimal photos. I need the visuals just as much as the text, and this book gives me exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve been using my copy already to start planning my spring garden. The workbook pages are perfect for those gardeners who want somewhere to take notes or to have a physical checklist that they can mark off. And since there are places to record your steps and room in the margins for notes, you’ll be able to pull it out year after year to see what worked and what didn’t (i.e. planting my brussel sprouts late this year=didn’t work).

startle garden

And while there are many gardening books out there, Carole goes beyond the basic gardening instructions (how to grow plants and not kill them). She encourages us to create beauty in our garden spaces. Why not use quirky containers and stenciled signs to dress up our gardens? The beauty of a garden can go beyond healthy plants (though those are beautiful on their own) into a planned arrangement of flowers, plants, and accents. And there’s no need to go out and buy snazzy additions for our gardens. She shows you how to use what’s on hand to create beauty in our spaces. It’s recycling and reusing at its best.

The Giveaway!

1 Print Copy of Startle Garden by Carole West

3 Seed Packages from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (My absolute favorite seed company)

The book will help you to plan and the seeds (a small variety of flowers and veggies) will help you to get your spring garden started off right.

Don’t want to wait to see if you win the giveaway? Grab a copy of Startle Garden on Amazon. While it’s only available in print, since it is a workbook for you to plan and implement for your garden at home, it’s well worth it! I can’t wait to see who will win the free copy!

Use the box below to enter the giveaway; it will close automatically on Saturday, and the winner will be announced later that day both on the blog and on The Kitchen Garten Facebook page. You will be contacted for your address, and the book and seeds will be mailed out. Yay!

Good luck and happy gardening!


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